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lauryta's Journal

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19 May
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Painful memories angry thoughts lazy days heartless words to nice to be mean to mean to be nice..A T T I T U D E ... false hope..drifting slowly to hell..
acting, amusement, anger, anti-social, basketball, bath's, beauty, black lights, black roses, board games, body painting, books, boxes, boyz n the hood, bracelts, candles, candy, cats, cds, cereal, chile, christmas, classical, coffee, colored contacts, conversation, cypress hill, danceing, danielle, darkness, depression, diamonds, diarys, drama, drawing, dreams, dyeing my hair, earings, education, emotions, ensence, fashion, fire, flowers, flying, football, funny people, garfield, goose feather blankets, gossip, gum, hate, hats, heat, hip hop, hot showers, ice cream, intelligence, jenny jones, jerry springer, jokes, keychains, knives, koalas, learning languages, lemons, letters, lighters, lotion, loud stereos, love notes, magazines, magic, make up, manson, maria paola, matches, maury, memories, mice, mirrors, money, mt dew, music videos, mystikal, neckales's, news, oil lamps, online friends, pack rattin, partys, personality disorder, pictures, pierceings, pizza, planning your death, posters, pretty stationairys, pumpkin pie, queso, r&b, rap, reading minds, rhymeing, ricki lake, rings, sally jesse raphel, self-actualization, self-help, sex, ships in a bottle, shoes, shopping, shrooms, silver, singing, skinny dipping, sleeping pills, smokeing, snakes, snow, soccer, spanish, spighettii, stupid computers, subway mm, sugar, sun, surf boards, swimming, taco bell, tape, tea, techno, telephone conversations, the beach, therapy, thinking, tissue, tornados, trains, walking, weed, weights, wepons, wigs, wishes, witch craft, writeing, xtc

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