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Im so physcic sometimes

So to answer my 2nd to last post question of is it worth it? Yes it was/is worth it. Never having to sleep alone because I know he will always be there.. Waiting all day for him to come home after work just to get a kiss from him..Hearing my son talk more and more everyday.. calling me mom instead of mommy.. My family not worring about me on drugs.. Its all worth it. K but anyway sir allen went on a rampage yesterday looking threw my friends on my myspace and NOW I have to delete people and only allowed to keep 20 people. Grr lol its all good though cause I wouldnt want him talking to anyone especially bitches. Im lucky that he lets me talk to the amount that I do. Funny thing is I have no guy friends in realz anymore he completly got rid of them. Well anyway im sleepy nite
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