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sleepless nights

Ugh. Can't sleep again. I feel like this baby is growing before my eyes and my pelvis hurts ugh ha there is so much coming up in the next few days. Im getting married in 5 days and I still dont know what to wear. We are going to the circus on sat. Thats going to be nutty ha and I have to have the whole house picked up before april 20th because some inspectords are coming to check out ever unit of the apartments. Blah. On top of all that I have to do highlights in my moms hair tomorrow. ZZZzzzzz. Well im going to try to sleep. Ha @ that
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=/ needs a time machine..u find one on ebay or somethin let me know.
If this is who I think it is you must have read back in my journal huh
Yea i did .i remember that to . i still kno that shit like i wrote it yesterday. =/ um happy for u lauryta..puts one in the air, you are a beautiful person inside an out i wish the best for you an i understand about the getting mad thing,if you dont hear from me again dosent mean im not think'n about you..They say a person always wants what he/she can't have.or wishes to go were they have never been..well yea life sucks sometimes,
Im glad your happy for me and thank you. I still want you in my life though so please dont go away. I was/am so happy you found me. I really really liked you. Call it a huge crush. I kinda always felt that we would always remain friends. You were a big part of my life at one point and u will always be in my head. When we werent talking I wondered what u were doing all the time. When I was almost 19 I fell in love with Allen. Allen has been chaseing me for years. Once I gave into him I knew we would be together forever. I hope you find someone that treats you good. Let me know if she dont cause ive been looking for a fight =o)
Hi i added u, hope u dont mind. add me back :)
Sure as soon as I get to a computer because my phone is lame